The mission here is to help parents and children in distress, and to motivate them so that they can be proud of themselves.... Taking one step at a time, it is ensured that the child’s strengths and abilities are identified and appreciated while also acknowledging their fears and triggers.


There are times in our lives when we are confronted with situations that we are not sure how to deal with or that we feel unable to deal with.... In moments of stress, what one seeks is a safe space. Very often, when early triggers and behavioural changes are ignored, the piled-up stress reaps sour fruits. Counselling helps to identify the toxic patterns and prevent sabotaging child’s creative self. A counsellor helps nurture healthy bonds and environment, and ensure constructive development. There is another huge positive aspect to counselling – anonymity. When you seek help, nobody has to know you’re visiting a counsellor and you can freely confide your deepest secrets without worrying about losing face anywhere.


The counsellor here - Shipra Tiwari - can help you look at your difficulties in different ways so that you are able to find your own solutions.... In her career, Shipra Tiwari has spent 25 years as a teacher, educator, administrator and counsellor where she helped large number of students and their parents who went on to set targets and achieve their big goals.


We hear you. Here’s a safe space. Click to seek an appointment for personal meeting.