Do you think your child is struggling in school or feeling stressed out?

Is your child facing difficulties with friends and relatives?

Is the child causing tension at home? Are you unsure what to do?

Sometimes children and their families may need counselling if they are finding it difficult to deal with or understand their emotions or behaviour.

Counselling allows a child to feel heard, understood, and accepted in a safe, non-threatening, objective, and confidential environment.

Being able to talk to someone other than a parent is sometimes very helpful for children.

Shipra Tiwari - the counsellor here - helps children by providing individual counselling in personal and social development, academic development, and career development.

Bring your child or adolescent to discuss and explore any area of your child's life with Shipra Tiwari over weekly sessions of 60 minutes each.

The number of sessions depends on the area your child addresses and his/her goals.

Having worked in five schools - Kids Camp (founder member), Shantiniketan Awasiya Bal Vidyalaya, Child Care, Greenway Modern School and Arwachin Bharti Bhawan School, her primary goal here is to reduce barriers to your child's academic performance.

Besides holding counselling sessions of both parents and children, she also conducts workshops and writes columns on counselling.

She lives in Noida with her husband and children, inspiring people to become catalysts for success to themselves and those around them.